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Marc Hall Design creates total concepts for events and small gardens. For over 20 years Marc Hall has been a visionary force within the event industry creating luxurious and stylish environments. He has fashioned his own world of amazing floral designs, incorporating hand crafted vessels and furnishings inspired by his global travels.

A Massachusetts native, Marc has been passionate about the natural world since his childhood days tending his parents’ gardens. After ten years in the hospitality industry, he returned to his roots when he began designing gardens and botanical décor for his loyal clientele. For seven years Marc served as Creative Director of Special Events for Winston Flowers in Boston. Now fusing knowledge acquired in hospitality with his passion for design and expertise with botanical elements, Marc Hall Design is born. Named in 2011 as one of the top industry innovators by Biz Bash, Marc has created unique environments for a discerning clientele that includes European royalty, a U.S. president, professional sports celebrities and designers not only in the United States but internationally. Immerse yourself in the world of Marc Hall Design.


All the senses are engaged to create the ultimate, unforgettable events celebrating life’s special moments where the beautiful borders on fabulous and the enchanting becomes magic. Flora, music, light, scent, and taste are mingled to provide the mood and energy.

Marc takes a holistic approach to the spaces he designs. The environments he creates are reflective of his clients’ vision literally transporting them into spaces that range from the most opulent profusion of flowers, colors and lights to a zen-like environment soothing in its monochromatic tableau. Marc has also designed his own line of vessels, candles, furniture, textiles and invitations to provide his clients with a totally unique product.

Whether the scale is grandiose or intimate Marc Hall Design can provide the ultimate in custom design.

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